Welcome to BMoRaw Society!!! I’m so excited that the twists and turns of life have brought us to this point. I’m Brandis Monique Rawls also affectionately called BMoRaw. I am immensely blessed that I was named into my life’s sacred mission to be more raw, be the me-est me. This is how I honor God and all those that love me, have loved me, and will love me. It is my heartfelt desire and joy to spread the BMoRaw philosophy through the RAW-isms and watch as people take charge and live their own lives.

I created this school, BMoRaw Society, because I want to reach more people than I can ever possibly talk to in a lifetime. I want to scream from the mountaintop that It’s Your Life (a RAW-ism) and you can live it the way you want. Please peruse our offerings and sign up for our email list so you can stay in the know on new courses and retreat offerings.

Thank you for being here, being you, and being MoRaw.

RAW-ism Coaching w/BMoRaw

We can never look at ourselves fully without a mirror…. We all need mirrors to help us see ourselves anew. We need mirrors to witness our own transformation. We need mirrors to witness our beauty. Where do you need a mirror in your life? Allow BMoRaw to help you find crystal clear clarity by being a mirror polished with acceptance where you can gaze lovingly on your whole life in its divine chaos - personal, professional, and spiritual; mind, body, and soul.

In addition to traditional coaching, RAW-ism coaching sessions include guided meditation, guided introspection, intention setting, and mantra building to support you living YOUR life.

The Art of Sacred Selfishness
The Art of Sacred Selfishness
Seasonal Retreats

We gather at the change of the season for ritual to tie our existence back to the oneness of All. We harness the seasonal energy shifts to propel ourselves and our lives in the direction we want. We create a sacred space to share our experiences and healing one with the other.

We fortify ourselves around the truth that selfishness is our sacred responsibility, that in order to live the life you are intended to, you must live it wholly, fully, mind, body, and soul recognizing that you are the most important person in your life.

You deserve your love and care first.

RAW-ism Retreats On Demand

Do you and/or a group of your friends, colleagues, family want to do some healing work together? Do you want me to pull up? Because I absolutely will… By plane, train, or automobile!

RAW Retreats on Demand is one of my favorite offerings because life happens wherever we are and so does healing and it looks like whatever heals you. Whether your group wants to sip mimosas over a fire or hike to a waterfall in moving meditation, hit my line to start designing your RAW healing experience.

The RAW-isms

BMoRaw’s Philosophy

I created this school to share and teach the RAW-isms, a philosophy of tenets that support living one’s own divine life on one’s own divine terms. But what is a RAW-ism anyways?

A RAW-ism is a short phrase or sentence that offers guidance, challenge, or support for any life situation. The RAW-isms are sources of wisdom I have crafted in my voice as beacons of truth for myself and others. They are ingeniously simple and profound if I do say so myself… and I do. As theses tenets, the RAW-isms, have been congealing into a powerful philosophy, I have witnessed a magnitude of transformation in my life that I wouldn’t believe if it were told to me. As such, I’m just gone have to share the philosophy so you can witness your own capacity for magnificence.

The RAW-isms inject all of my life with more mindfulness, more gratitude, more meaning. They also help me lead an easier, more pleasurable life. I make decisions quickly based on what I have defined as truth for my life. For example, when I am tempted to dishonor a personal boundary for the sake of the “greater good” I reference the RAW-ism “Fuck Them People” and remember no one is more important in my life than me and no one is going to take care of me better than me. I am then steeled and able to maintain my boundary because it’s my life (see how they just sprinkle right on in there?)

The RAW-isms are my way of sharing the blessings of truth that I’ve found with you. After all, you deserve to live your life and you deserve your love first.

I love you next and always.


Chief Joy Officer

"I had the pleasure of attending the Art of Sacred Selfishness retreat by BMoRaw. It has catapulted me into this new zodiac year with all the energy I need to spring forward and create habits and rituals that will aid in my journey.”

- Quiana Lynell, Internationally Renowned Jazz Vocalist

BMoRaw Society

BMoRaw Society began formally in 2020 as a Satsang group. Satsang is a Sanskrit word which translates to “a community of true people or a community dedicated to finding truth’’. It is also a ceremonial gathering with the intention of discovering and sharing truth. BMoRaw Society has convened in satsang periodically to find the truth in topics like fear, love, and ultimately, life. Just as everything in our life does as we discover ourselves, BMoRaw Society has changed and grown, into a whole school. That’s wild and blessed. Look at how our capacity for truth has enlarged. BMoRaw Society as a school retains its intentional intention - to search for, learn and live our individual divine truth. We continue our satsang community through RAW-ism courses, coaching, events and retreats.

May your life be enriched in this community as ours has been changed forever for the blessed. We look forward to learning your truth and sharing all of our truth together.